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The TuxMat Difference

Taking the meaning of "custom-fit" to a new level, TuxMat floor liners provide the best coverage in the industry.
Our mats protect not only the most essential carpeted areas, but the coverage literally goes above and beyond to shell the entire floor cabin, refreshing the appearance of your vehicle's interior.

Simply put, Maximum Coverage = Minimal (time spent) Cleaning.

Minimum Coverage
Off the shelf products
Maximum Coverage
Average Coverage
Average custom floor liners

The Details That Matter

The smallest things make the biggest differences. With TuxMat, you can rest assured that our products are made with a commitment to safety and quality as a top priority.

Safety is our priority. Quality is our standard.

  • 100% Waterproof
  • Easy Clean Up
  • Heavy Duty Heel Pad
  • Footrest Coverage
  • Professional Finished Edges
  • Retention Hook System
  • Side Security Clips
  • TuxMat Seal of Approval

Constructed To Perform

The construction of TuxMat comprises of 3 layers of material, each performing an essential role.

  • Tough PVC

    The surface layer design is inspired by interior car trims, blending seamlessly in your vehicle.

  • Pliable EVA

    The middle layer forms the structure of TuxMat, molded precisely to the cabin - making maximum protection a reality.

  • Protective Fabric

    The bottom layer is a soft finishing fabric, placed on your vehicle floor without leaving any markings.

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