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The TuxMat Story

TuxMat is a Canadian company based in Toronto. We have a very creative and hardworking team with a singular purpose - making the Ultimate Car Mat for everyday drivers. With the support of our enthusiastic customers, who we are very grateful for, TuxMat has grown tremendously since its inception. We will never take our continued success for granted, and we constantly challenge ourselves with the aim of going above and beyond our own imagination.

TuxMat as a product, has a distinctive ability to satisfy your need for a car mat to the fullest extent. We understand the role TuxMat needs to play in your everyday drive, which is to provide you with peace-of-mind, knowing that your beloved ride is protected from any unexpected spills, muddy shoes, dirty slush, and salt stains. That is why TuxMat offers the maximum coverage with the aesthetic that compliments your vehicle's high end interior.


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