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The Ultimate Car Mat

Perfect Fit. Maximum Coverage. Luxurious Finish.

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Made Just For You

We laser scan vehicles at our Toronto facility in Canada. A mold is made from the initial scanning data for each model, and prototypes are then adjusted for maximum accuracy and coverage. So the set of TuxMat you are purchasing for your vehicle will be a perfect fit.

Protect Your Investment

To help preserve your vehicle’s value, TuxMat covers the largest possible carpet area in your vehicle, especially the vertical dimensions. Also, TuxMat is designed to match your vehicle’s interior panel texture, so your vehicle’s floor will look just as luxurious.

6 Reasons to Choose TuxMat

  • 100% Waterproof

    Assurance against accidental spills, pet mishaps, snow and rain

  • Easy Clean-up

    A splash of water and a quick wipe will make your TuxMat new again

  • Retention Hook System

    TuxMat's independent retention hook system ensures added security for the driver's mat

  • Heavy Duty Rubber Pad

    Preserves the driver's mat against excess wear and tear

  • Side Security Clips

    Secure TuxMat firmly in place

  • Footrest Coverage

    Maximum coverage on footrest and back row middle hump

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“I purchased TuxMat for my Audi A5 just before winter hit. They cover the entire floor and side panels with a snug, locked in fit, looks very high end, durable and very easy to clean. Nothing like them around here in Canada. Great prices with no shipping costs. Very satisfied. Thanks TuxMat!”

- Richard P.

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